The Yards

Washington, D.C.

The Yards is a 42‐acre mixed‐use redevelopment project located adjacent to the Washington National’s ballpark and along the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C. The project consists of 1.8 Msf of office space (including 8 new office buildings), up to 400,000 sf of retail and cultural spaces, 2,700 rental and for‐sale residential units, and a significant riverfront park and esplanade. The riverfront park functions as a relief for the 10,000 new residential units and the 10 million square feet of office space, and includes LID street systems throughout, stormwater retention systems, sustainable fountain/irrigation system, and sustainable life cycle materials. The Waterfront Park at The Yards is linked to the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, contains 5.87 acres of new open space, has 1.72 acres of park buildings, and offers 1100 linear feet of riverfront. The mixed‐use redevelopment incorporates sustainable development criteria for LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED‐ND) certification.

Application of Sustainability

Greening Urban’s design philosophy emphasizes a flexible and site‐specific approach to incorporating low‐impact development and stormwater management strategies. Greening Urban provided technical consultation for LEED‐ND certification during the pilot period, and offered input on landscape design that focused on low impact development strategies and stormwater management in order to enhance the project’s public park, which included:

  • A tree trench infiltration system to slowly infiltrate water from storm events.
  • Vertical recharge shafts that deliver runoff directly to the water table.
  • Rainwater reuse strategies, through smart irrigation and grey water systems.
  • Flow‐thru planter boxes that detain runoff before entering the constructed stormwater management system.

Developer: Forest City Washington
Status: Under Construction