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Greening Urban provides focused expertise on a range of issues related to innovative technology, green infrastructure, and neighborhood design with a strong focus on helping integrate sustainability into projects. We provide value at many points throughout the process from pre-planning and initial planning stages through final project construction.

Greening Urban™ staff has a wide depth and breadth of experience in all aspects of civil engineering and green technology along with extensive experience in landscape architecture and environmental site planning. Our experience spans educational, multifamily residential, commercial, and mixed use master planned projects. We have the distinct advantage of combining experience in the site development and permitting of projects with true expertise in low impact development (LID) stormwater management, environmental planning, and green infrastructure. 

Our collective staff portfolio includes award winning projects, noted for their integration of civic design and sustainable principles. From large master planned communities, to dense urban infill developments, such as 1050 K Street, we have worked to achieve a symbiotic relationship between the aesthetics and the environmental functionality of our designs.

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