Eisenhower West Small Area Plan

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The Eisenhower West Small Area Plan encompasses 620 acres in Alexandria, Virginia and was adopted by the Alexandria City Council. The area currently includes a wide range of disparate business and residential uses, without a cohesive transportation system.
The plan aims to address these issues in a comprehensive way, including:

  • Density
  • Building massing
  • Green space
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure (water, sewer, and energy)
  • Stormwater management
  • Sustainability

Greening Urban, LLC worked with Smith Group and the City of Alexandria to provide base mapping and existing site, infrastructure, and green space data analysis. Collaborating closely with Smith Group, Greening Urban developed an overall stormwater management plan for the entire plan area. Greening Urban analyzed site drainage areas based on topography and planned use. Stormwater technologies were sized based on the different planned area use, and to meet Virginia’s new stormwater management requirements. In addition, Greening Urban produced an “order of magnitude” cost estimate for the proposed stormwater management plan for city use. Greening Urban also provided a sanitary sewer impact study to ascertain
the impact of the proposed plan on the current pipe system and treatment plan.


Alexandria, VA

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