Lynchburg Riverfront Revitalization

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The Lynchburg Riverfront Revitalization was a multi-year master planning and implementation project that included green infrastructure and sustainable site planning in a historic setting. The mission of the plan was to sustainably redesign and revitalize the Downtown Riverfront Park, associated streets, and public areas. The plan included the renewal of an
eight-acre riverfront park, nearby urban streets, pedestrian ways, and spaces for recreation, interpretive facilities, and gathering.

Greening Urban, LLC provided civil engineering and sustainable site consulting, and integrated low impact development and stormwater management into the overall project. As part of this project, an extensive stormwater strategy was initiated to help in stewardship of the James River Watershed and provide a model for sustainable practices in the region. The local combined sewer system was separated to allow targeted treatment of stormwater and reduce the burden on sewage infrastructure. The riverfront park has substantial rain gardens, porous paving, and vegetated swales that mitigate polluted runoff from eleven acres of the downtown. The green infrastructure was integrated into the design of the park with rain garden native plant exhibits and interpretive signage that will be an educational and aesthetic asset for the downtown.


Lynchburg, VA

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Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects

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The City of Lynchburg

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