St. Columba’s Nursery School

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Under the umbrella of the Department of Energy and Environment’s (DDOE) RiverSmart Schools program with funding by DDOE grants, Greening Urban, LLC designed civil and landscape plans for the transformation of the St. Columba’s Nursery School’s play area. The incorporation of existing stormwater outfalls and the need to address erosion and sedimentation issues on an existing slope were key challenges to the design. The result was a unique and beautiful play garden complete
with a meandering dry stream, large infiltration bed with a walkable surface, and colorful repurposed tires used as planters and accents.

Greening Urban worked closely with school officials to address concerns and proposed exciting new opportunities for the space. Stormwater runoff from the site was managed on site, while also offering intriguing learning activities for the students.


Washington, DC

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St. Columba’s Episcopal Church

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Department of Energy and Environment – RiverSmart Schools Program

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